Environamics, Inc.
13935 South Point Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
phone: (704-376-3613) / 1-800-262-3613
email: envir@environamics-inc.com

Intelligent Workspace

Crafted simplicity with a dedication to the vision of formulating a welcoming environment for productivity. Environamics aims to provide only the best in high technology environments, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Functional Creativity

A structurally dignified presence that incorporates workflow and function into its design without sacrificing privacy. Environamics aims for high quality product installations.

Awe-inspired Design

Startling office environments designed to maximize space and light, while minimizing construction impact on time and productivity.

Productive Atmospheres

Conference room with radiused M-Wall glazed panels and radiused drywall with butt-glazing incorporate unique ceiling panels elements for diffusion of light.

Sculpted Solutions

Creative radiused Environamics Movable Wall with full-height glazing and natural wood doors is used to create customized conference rooms. A most capable wall with a 40-year history.

Illuminated Privacy

Office interiors with acoustical ceilings, drywall partitions, and aluminum framed butt-glazing afford visual and audible integrity.

Acoustical Elegance

Conference room with wood veneer and fabric-covered acoustical paneling and radiused ceiling soffit encourages clarity of communication.

Intelligent Workspace Functional Creativity Awe-inspired Design Productive Atmospheres Sculpted Solutions Illuminated Privacy Acoustical Elegance
Environamics: Dynamic Office Environments

In today's fast-paced business environment, commercial interior contracting has proven to be an essential element in corporate efficiency. Environamics has excelled in providing the traditional services of interior contracting while impacting the marketplace with progressive approaches to unique commercial interior needs. With a service philosophy dedicated to excellence and innovation and a talented workforce of highly trained professionals, Environamics is on the cutting edge of every new technique in craftsmanship in our industry.

Combine this team of dedicated individuals with our efficient 40,000 square foot main facility, another 50,000 square foot facility in Dallas, and a diverse inventory of components for all phases of construction, and it's easy to see why Environamics has achieved the leading role in providing full-service, fast turn-around commercial interior construction. The ability to offer many architectural construction requirements in-house, assisting in all phases of new or renovation projects, and providing timely, efficient maintenance, is an integral part of our client service package.