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Through the years we have used textiles from many manufacturers.  At present, we are working towards establishing our own "standard fabrics" in a range of price categories.  Until we have finalized our offerings, you may identify your fabric of choice to us, and we will determine availability, suitability and cost.

Manufacturer's proprietary fabrics may be supplied to us as "Customer's Own Material."

The textiles we use are usually described by manufacturers as "panel" fabric or "upholstered walls" fabric.  In order for a fabric to be used for our panels, we must test it for manufacturability on the products to which it will be applied and then approved or disapproved for use.  COM textiles are not tested for performance.  COM yardage requirements for testing are 3 yards.

On all projects, extra yardage may be required for matching and aligning patterns.

Suitable vinyls may be used as a panel finish in lieu of fabric.  Our standard Adobe Vinyl panel finish is available in a variety of colors.

Wood Veneers

All wood veneers are available as door finishes and aluminum framed panel inserts.  Custom veneers may be submitted to be matched.

Veneer grain runs vertically unless specified otherwise.

Multiple wood panel inserts are available as "end match" upon request.

Unless specified otherwise, wood panel inserts are flush.


All glass is either tempered or laminated safety glass.  Glass used with stick-built glazing product is 1/4" thick.  Glass used with aluminum framed panels is typically 1/4" thick, but 3/8" and 1/2" thick glass may be used.

Our industry standard pattern offerings include:

: :  Rain : :  Satin (Acid Etched)
: :  Pattern 62 (P62) : :  Reeded
: :  Textured Flutex : :  Aquatex
: :  Clear : :  White Painted
: : Clear Laminated : :  White Laminated

Film may be specified and will be factory-applied unless otherwise specified.

Acrylic and resin panels of appropriate thickness may be used in lieu of glass.