Environamics, Inc.
13935 South Point Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
phone: (704-376-3613) / 1-800-262-3613
email: envir@environamics-inc.com
Testimonials PDF
  • "We received the official close out of the [military base] – movable wall project that began in May.  The client is happy with our service and pleased with the product. The project was completed Friday morning, September 28th with no hiccups.  I have to say that it was a pleasure working with Butch on this project.  He made it very easy for me and [name of furniture dealer] to look good.  He was on schedule with his product and install and was very flexible when the client made a last minute schedule change in one of the 9 areas; his team made it work without issue.  In addition, he (and his team) were always prompt and responsive with answering questions and providing information.  It was very impressive service.  I look forward to working with him and his team in the future."
  • "Because of our excellent business relationship I thought it appropriate to write a few things about the outstanding performance Environamics has provided in their role during the Customer Information Center project. The project has been successful beyond our expectations with respect to speed, quality, and cost effectiveness. Environamics has handled all the wall manufacturing and installation with exceptional success." (Office interior upfitting for banking industry)
  • "The project team faced numerous challenges from the very beginning and your staff consistently displayed the teamwork, expertise and commitment to both client and construction manager required for this project to be successful." (Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility)
  • "Your company successfully installed over eight miles of vinyl covered demountable partitions, aluminum door frames, shaft wall and drywall systems without missing a single completion date. This is outstanding." (Office interior upfitting for banking industry)
  • "We appreciate Environamics Incorporated's participation and contribution in the successful completion of the (high-technology manufacturing facility project.) Your company's outstanding performance in safety, clean construction protocol, and production efficiency were integral to our project's overall success. Additionally, the cooperative spirit of your company and personnel set a high standard for other contractors, the Construction Manager, and the Owner."
  • "Your personal input was invaluable in selecting cost effective products, ensuring fair pricing, and monitoring the priorities of the project." (Clean manufacturing facility)
  • "I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for your efforts in bringing the (clean room wall & ceiling systems project) to a successful completion. Your team's performance, flexibility and dedication to safety have helped to earn the (general contractor) construction team high marks in all categories."