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SymbioTM Movable Walls History

Wayne Vaughan developed Vaughan Walls in the late 1950’s to respond to a product need he recognized. Why not develop a wall system that could be assembled and re-assembled using the new technology of gypsum wallboard? Vaughan Walls was developed to take advantage of this technology. Five basic wall systems were offered with hundreds of variations and customizations for a multitude of different applications. Vaughan Walls built up a network of over 75 contractors in the nation, in all major (and some not-so-major) markets. In the 70’s, Vaughan Walls was considered state-of-the-art among movable wall systems manufacturers.

In 1981, Herman Miller Inc. approached Vaughan Walls with an interest in their 2¼” movable wall system known as Series 700. Herman Miller and Vaughan teamed up to develop specialized component products to add to the 700 Series wall to make it compatible with Herman Miller’s Action Office System. The new wall components made it possible to hang systems furniture from the wall system and to structurally attach systems panels. Designers involved in the enhancements to the wall system included Bill Stumpf and Tom Newhouse. Dave Roblin provided engineering support.

Herman Miller bought the Vaughan Company in 1982 and moved it to Dallas, Texas.

In addition to the increased functionality of the wall product, aesthetic changes were made as well. Fabric or vinyl-covered corner connector covers were offered in a square or radiused detail, compatible with the Action Office System. A vocabulary of order entry terminology that is still used today was developed to help communicate the product choices.

Herman Miller rolled Vaughan Walls into their mainstream in 1987, trying to maximize the impact with all the Herman Miller product lines. In 1993, Service Center Associates, Inc. was established to manage the products lines for Herman Miller as an Alliance partner, specializing in communication with the Architecture and Design community.  Environamics became one of six regional Wall Service Centers in the alliance with Herman Miller.

In the 90’s, product enhancements continued and included base trims which matched the furniture lines, additional “CMF” options, additional cabling management capability, the 8-wire four circuit electrical system and a relocatable pre-glazed panel known as “M-Wall.”

E-Wall was developed as a full-height companion product to Herman Miller’s popular Ethospace line of systems furniture and panels.

Environamics' partnership with Herman Miller ended in February 2010.

Today Environamics provides full-height, SymbioTM Movable Walls for our movable wall customers. The focus of our effort is:

  • Increase sales opportunities for movable walls
  • Educate and train dealers and installers
  • Develop product enhancements and innovations
  • Improve product availability, distribution and installation
  • Provide technical and sales support for all sized projects