Environamics, Inc.
13935 South Point Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
phone: (704-376-3613) / 1-800-262-3613
email: envir@environamics-inc.com
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Environamics, Inc. is committed to doing our part in maintaining and improving the quality of the natural environment for all future generations to share and enjoy through the implementation of sustainable design and manufacturing processes. The original 2-1/4 movable wall system was eco friendly before ‘green’ building became popular. The ability to relocate entire walls and reconfigure office space creates a tremendous value to environmentally conscious customers who are also concerned about return on their investment of capital (ROI) for their facilities. Many improvements such as utilizing low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesives and materials have been incorporated over the years. New product and product lines have been developed with the environment in mind. Recyclability of product that has reached its useful life has always been an advantage of all the wall systems we manufacture. There are many benefits in choosing movable wall systems over conventional construction including potential LEED certification points.